What Influences Heating Oil Prices?

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Putting your heating oil (if that’s what you use to heat your New England home) to use during the cold and sometimes bitter winter months is pretty much a guarantee. What is less of a guarantee is what heating oil prices will look like.

The price of heating oil is constantly fluctuating and moving up and down. This is a direct result of some ever-changing external circumstances.

The Influences On Heating Oil Prices

There are many issues at hand that effect heating oil prices. Here’s a snapshot of a few:

Hocon Can Help You Save On Heating Oil

Most people are constantly searching for a way to save some money. If this is the case for you and you are located in Connecticut, Hocon can help and here’s how: Our heating oil price is typically 25 cents lower than the state average.

That’s not the only way Hocon will help save you money. If you choose our monthly payment plan, you will be charged a fixed amount for your heating oil each month throughout the year, to avoid high bills during just the winter months. However, you only pay for the amount of fuel you actually receive. So if your fuel costs end up being higher or lower than what was estimated, we will adjust as necessry during the course of the winter.

You Can Count on Hocon

Hocon’s services go beyond heating oil delivery. We offer automatic delivery, servicing, maintenance, installations, various payment plan options and Auto Pay. And we offer all this at a guaranteed fair price.

With Hocon, your heating oil and heating oil services will arrive on time thanks to our reliable and dependable team. Contact us today to become a Hocon heating oil customer.

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