What Is A Propane Gas Log Set?

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Everyone loves sitting in front of a fire on a cold New England night – but most of us don’t love buying or chopping wood, getting the fire started, and cleaning up the ashes later.

If you count yourself among the latter group and have an existing fireplace, consider installing a propane gas log set.

Propane log sets offer the ultimate in one-click convenience while providing real flames and realistic detailing that set the perfect cozy tone for your winter family gatherings.

In this first of a two-part post, we’ll talk about the benefits of a propane log set for your Connecticut home; in Part 2, we’ll talk about the difference between vented and non-vented propane log set models.

Benefits of a propane gas log set

Why consider replacing your beloved wood fire with a propane log set? Consider these benefits:

If you’re sold on a propane log set, the next decision you’ll have to make is whether to choose a vented or vent-free model – more on that in our next post.

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