What Is a Propane Tank Monitor?

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The Best Way to Avoid Propane Runouts Also Brings Convenience

Have you ever run out of propane? Then you know what a hassle it can be. There’s the inconvenience, of course. There’s the expense of both an emergency fill up as well as a leak test for safety. And even if your tank isn’t completely empty, you’ll can experience problems. When propane levels get too low, air can get into your system, which can lead to expensive damage. In general, you shouldn’t let your tank’s propane level go below 20%.

Lots of our customers enjoy our automatic delivery service to eliminate the worry of a run-out. But automatic deliveries aren’t the best solution for everyone. If your propane use isn’t very consistent, we can’t use our algorithm to predict your needs. And many of our customers travel often, or only use their home seasonally or on weekends, especially those along the shoreline—which means their propane use fluctuates. They’ll appreciate the real-time accuracy of our wireless propane tank monitoring service—and other benefits, too.

How Does a Tank Monitor Work?

Wireless tank monitors track the level of propane in your tank in real time, and transmit your usage via wireless cellular technology. When the tank gauge reaches a pre-set level, the monitor alerts us—and you—directly via the wireless mobile app.

If you have a second home, a wireless tank monitor means you don’t have to wonder about how much propane is in the tank. Combined with automatic delivery, you don’t even need to think about ordering a fill up before you arrive.

If you rely on propane for heat in your second home, you don’t want to risk a runout in winter. If you lose heat and it’s cold enough, water in your pipes will start to freeze—and expand, resulting in cracks or breaks. A tiny crack of just an eighth of an inch will leak more than 250 gallons of water a day, and burst pipe will release a real flood.

In addition to timely alerts, the app gives you even more control and insight. You can use it to easily track and adjust your monthly energy consumption—and save on energy costs. For example, if you use your hot tub or propane hearth more than usual, you may see a spike in your usage.

Monitor Multiple Tanks

The app makes wireless tank monitoring great for people who are managing a rental property, an air bnb, or multiple properties. Propane use can fluctuate a great deal when different people, with different habits, are using a property over the course of a month. Combined with automatic delivery service, the app lets you know when deliveries are happening, and how often. No need to go and check the tank gauges of your different properties.

Which Is Right for You?

If you have regular habits and your propane bills are pretty level, you are likely fine opting for automatic delivery service. Just remember to let us know if you’ll be away for an extended period or if you add new propane equipment.

But if you want total peace of mind and zero hassle, a wireless tank monitor is a smart choice.

The bottom line is that a propane run-out can be more than a nuisance. It can be a very expensive mistake. With tank monitoring, you can eliminate the chance of having one while also saying goodbye to the hassles and headaches of managing your propane deliveries.

What’s in it for us? It makes things easier on our end too. We’re better able to plan deliveries, using the most efficient routes. That saves time and money, savings we can pass on to you.

A wireless tank monitor is easy to install, and we can have you ready to go in a matter of minutes! Contact us today to find out more about the benefits of wireless tank monitoring and how we can get you set up—100% hassle-free.

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