All About Renewable Propane

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Some facts about renewable propane

Propane has its benefits. It is a natural by-product of energy production. It has a low carbon profile, and it’s available on-site. It doesn’t require an expensive infrastructure network for its production or delivery. It’s extremely versatile. And it can also be used in the most efficient equipment. Renewable propane is even better.

Renewable propane is almost identical to traditional propane chemically and in terms of its physical properties. However, because it’s not made from fossil fuels it is the answer to a number of environmental problems and had additional benefits. Keep reading to learn more about renewable propane and why you should use it in your northeast home or business.

Making renewable propane

Renewable propane is fabricated from water residues and sustainably sourced materials like agricultural waste, cooking oil, and meat fats. It’s often a coproduct of biodiesel production.

Renewable propane’s environmental benefits

There are two primary advantages to renewable propane in terms of the environment:

  1. Landfill diversion: By recycling cooking oils and animal fats to produce biodiesel and renewable propane, you can reduce the amount of waste going into landfills.
  2. Carbon reduction: Renewable propane has a carbon intensity that is up to five times better than that of diesel and gasoline and 1.5 times better than electricity from the US power grid.

Where renewable propane is made

There are several domestic renewable propane refiners in places like Louisiana and California. For example, California’s AltAir Fuels produces renewable propane while manufacturing sustainable jet fuel! There are more commercial production plants being developed all over the world, especially in Europe.

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