What Size Oil Tank Do I Need For My Home?

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Heating oil tanks are built to last – but not to last forever.

If your heating oil tank is starting to show its age – or if you know that your tank is at least 20 years old – the time could be coming to replace it with a virtually leak-proof, modern, double-walled heating oil tank from Hocon.

The question is, what size oil tank will you need?

Our heating experts can help you to right-size your oil storage tank, but if you want to get a head start on your oil tank shopping, here are a few points to ponder.

Heating oil tank size considerations

Once you’ve thought about these sizing factors, you’ll have a better idea where to begin your search for a heating oil tank upgrade for your Connecticut home.

When it’s time to upgrade your heating oil tank, trust the pros at Hocon. We’ll even take care of removing your old tank in accordance with all environmental laws and codes.

Contact Hocon today to learn more and get a FREE, no obligation estimate on a heating tank upgrade for your Connecticut home!

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