Why Isn’t My Propane Tank 100 Percent Full?

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If you’re a keen observer, you have probably noticed that Hocon propane delivery teams never completely fill your propane tank.

That’s by design.

You see, the propane in your tank is a liquid – and like any liquid, it expands when it’s heated. The difference with propane is that it expands a lot, and quickly – about 17 times the volume of water over the same temperature increase (you can read more about propane volume basics here).

Our delivery technicians need to leave extra space to allow for propane to safely expand as the temperature of your outdoor propane tank rises (as it sits in the summer sun, for example*). Above ground propane tanks are typically filled to about 80 percent capacity; underground tanks can be filled slightly higher, because the ground insulates the tank from big temperature swings.

As a propane safety precaution, Hocon delivery teams use a fixed liquid level gauge to prevent overfills – one way we work to make sure that every propane delivery to your Connecticut home a safe one.

For safe propane deliveries when and where you need them, trust the pros at Hocon Gas. Contact us to schedule a delivery today!

*Propane gas expansion is also a reason why you should NEVER paint your outdoor propane tank a dark color, since dark colors absorb heat.

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