Why Isn’t My Propane Tank At 100%

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Understanding Your Propane Tank’s Levels

If you are a propane customer, you are probably familiar with the process of getting refills for your supply of propane. You are probably also familiar with the fact that your propane tank is never 100% full, even right after it has been filled.

So why exactly is this the case? It is actually a safety measure and precaution and Hocon Gas is here to tell you why.

Filling Your Propane Tank

Professional propane suppliers should never fill your propane tank to maximum capacity. Propane tanks should only be filled to about 80% full, which leaves 20% of the tank empty. This gives propane extra room to expand as temperatures increase (remember that liquids expand as they heat up).

Some propane tanks are located underground. These tanks only need about 15% of the tank’s space for propane expansion since the ground insulates them and therefore keeps them a little cooler.

What does all of this ultimately mean? It means that if you have, say, a 120-gallon propane tank you should never have 120 gallons of propane in this tank. A tank of this size will hold and should only be filled with about 100 gallons of propane at a time.

Monitoring Your Propane Tank’s Levels

Luckily, propane tank gauges make it very easy to know how much propane is left in your tank and they are usually very easy to read. Most of them look similar to a speedometer, are marked with numbers and have a dial that moves down as your propane supply decreases.

Monitoring your propane tank is extremely important if you are a will-call customer who schedules your own propane deliveries when you hit about 20% full (you should never let your propane tank go below 20%).

Hocon’s automatic delivery service tracks how much propane you typically use and then automatically deliveries propane to you when we expect your tank to be about 30% full. This means you don’t have to do any tracking or make any calls to schedule a delivery.

However, since propane usage isn’t always 100% consistent, an automatic delivery service won’t always guarantee that you have a sufficient propane supply on hand. This is where wireless tank monitors come into play.

Tank Monitors

With wireless propane tank monitors, we are able to see your tank’s propane levels in real time. There is no guessing or estimating involved. When a tank’s tank monitor hits a pre-determined level, Hocon is notified and we schedule your next propane delivery accordingly.

You Can Count on Hocon

Whether you need help tracking your propane levels, reliable propane delivery or propane tank installation, Hocon Gas is a company you can count on. If you are in Norwalk, Torrington, Waterbury, Danbury, Guilford, Suffield, Shelton or surrounding towns in Connecticut, Massachusetts or New York, we are able to help with all your propane needs.

You can call us or visit one of our showrooms where one of our experts will be happy to answer any and all of your propane related questions.

Contact us today and let us know how we can help with your propane needs!

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