Why A Propane Water Heater Is The Smart Way To Go

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Did you know that about 20 percent of your fuel bill goes to heating water? That makes choosing a water heater pretty important to your monthly bottom line – not to mention your home’s resale value and carbon footprint.

For these reasons and more, we highly recommend opting for a propane model when the time comes to install a new water heater.

Compared to an electric-powered water heater, a propane water heater is:

The bottom line: compared with electric models, propane water heaters cost less to operate, last longer, and create less impact on the environment. If you make a further investment in a propane tankless water heating system, you’ll also save space, get unlimited hot water, and gain even longer equipment life.

When you add it all up, a propane water heater is the way to go! To learn more about propane water heater installation in CT, contact Hocon today.

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