In this issue, you’re going to see a number of articles about propane and the environment. I’m among those who are extremely concerned about the impact of climate change. And it’s one reason I’m so proud we provide propane.

Most people don’t realize how much better propane is than alternative heating sources when it comes to reducing emissions in a cost-effective way. Propane is an affordable energy source that doesn’t require billions of dollars in new infrastructure like electricity does, and that isn’t subject to constant outages. Using it is an excellent way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions while meeting your energy needs.

  1. Propane is an environmentally friendly, low-carbon fuel.
  2. According to data from the Propane Education & Research Council, the average propane-powered home reduces carbon dioxide emissions by nearly 30%, compared with all-electric homes.
  3. Direct use of propane for space heating, cooking, heating water and drying clothes reduces greenhouse gas emissions by up to 50%.
  4. We are working to be able to provide our customers with renewable propane, which has a negative carbon content.

In June, we opened the new, first-of-its-kind alternative fuel travel center outside Hartford. Although the Pride Travel Center offers traditional gasoline and diesel fuels, the real stars of the show are Hocon’s propane Autogas fueling station, Tesla fast and Level 2 charging ports, and a hydrogen refueling station.

It’s just the latest example of Hocon taking the lead in supporting Connecticut’s path to a greener future. We owe it to our children to do our part.

Mark Salter is co-owner of Salter’s Express, which owns the fleet of buses that take children in Simsbury (Hartford County) to school each day. He recently talked with us about how he became such a big fan of Autogas.

“The town was looking to go green and reduce emissions,” he said. “When we investigated, we found that Propane Autogas cut emissions dramatically, and eliminated the dangerous and stinky diesel fumes that our kids were breathing in. The propane buses are quieter—a big advantage when a driver has to hear what’s going on behind him or her. There’s less maintenance, and they start right up in the coldest weather. Our drivers love them.”

When we asked about the cost difference, he said, “While propane school buses cost a little more than diesel buses, federal alternative fuel rebates of 36 cents per gallon make propane even more attractive. Propane buses are around a third of the cost of electric models, and the fuel is cheaper than gasoline.”

Read more about propane Autogas.

Q: Does it make sense to switch my electric water heater over to propane?

A: Absolutely. When it comes to considering types of water heaters, choosing propane is a smart choice—whether you get a traditional propane tank water heater or a high-efficiency propane tankless on-demand unit.

With propane, you will most likely never run out of hot water again. That’s because propane heats water twice as fast as a standard electric unit. Propane water heaters also have more accurate temperature controls and offer many more options in terms of size and where you can put them in your home.

Bonus: If you install a qualifying Rinnai propane tankless water heater by 12/31/21, you’ll receive a $100 rebate!

A propane water heater has lower operating and maintenance costs and these units last longer than electric models. Plus, they result in significantly fewer emissions when you take into account how the electricity was generated in the first place.

If you are upgrading from electric to a propane model, there are a couple of extra steps in the process. We will make it easy for you but please don’t wait until your old unit fails to reach out to us.

Learn more about propane water heaters.

generatorHaving a generator that doesn’t work. You depend on your generator to kick in when the electricity fails. If it’s been sitting around, try these tips to make sure it’s ready to go before your next power outage.

1. If you have a separate tank for your generator, and it’s below 45% full, get it filled up before hurricane season. If you lose power, chances are there are downed trees that make deliveries more difficult for everyone.

2. Better yet, talk to us about a tank monitor so it’s easier to track your fuel and ensure you don’t run out as long as roads are passable.

3. If you haven’t had your generator serviced, contact your electrician to make sure it is ready to roll if your power cuts out.

Many of our customers use propane for their cooking, water heating, pools, etc. but heat their homes with oil. If you’re one of them, why not give us a call? Global oil prices have risen around 35% (you have seen it at the gas pumps).

Our oil customers are saving hundreds of dollars a year. We guarantee our fuel will always be at least 25 cents less than the average price in the state of CT*. We offer all the same services the expensive guys do—auto delivery, service plans, credit terms—but we do it for less.

Call 203-402-7894 or go here to find out more.
* State average price is reported weekly by the US EIA; oil prices are subject to change on a daily basis. EIA only reports weekly prices from October through March.

Cooler weather may be here, but you can still enjoy your time outdoors. Hocon offers a wide range of patio heaters, fire pits and more to extend your enjoyment outdoors.
Read more.

Don’t want to go to the store to swap out a BBQ grill tank? You’re not alone. For your convenience, we are now offering GAS ON THE GO delivery of grill tanks to your home or business.
How it works:

Go here to request a delivery or call your branch for more information.

If you have a gas fireplace or stove, this is the time when you should be getting it cleaned and inspected for safety. Our Comprehensive Cleaning and Tune-up Program includes fireplaces, stoves, fire logs and gas fireplace inserts, and includes:

Call us or go here to request service.

An increasing number of oil customers are turning to us to upgrade their heating systems to propane. While we sell both fuels, propane is more versatile, and a better option for cooking, water heating, and more. Plus, it burns more cleanly, with fewer emissions.

Take Lynn Pangburn, of Oxford, CT. Last March, when she realized her oil tank and furnace were on their last legs, she originally planned to simply replace them with newer models. But her plumber advocated investigating propane instead.

She reached out to several companies, but was surprised by their unresponsiveness. “I was a little upset and actually on the verge of just scrapping the whole thing.” Then her husband learned about Hocon from a coworker, and they gave us a call.

“Our experience with Hocon was excellent,” Lynn said.

Karen, from Hocon’s sales team, came out and offered her expertise, letting Lynn and her husband know how propane would work within their home.

“Anytime I had a question, she always got back to me.”
Lynn described the switch as “pretty seamless,” noting that the Hocon team was “very professional and very informative.” She said, “It was a very good experience with them.”

If you are interested in switching fuels or need to upgrade your equipment, contact us today!

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