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Commercial Tank Planning for Connecticut & Western Massachusetts

Need help choosing your tank? Contact Hocon Gas for expert advice

Hocon provides propane gas service for a wide range of commercial consumers. We will design a fuel storage system to safely and economically meet each customer’s unique needs.

Hocon’s professional team of design and installation experts can help spec units, calculate heat losses, handle the permit process, interface with sub-contractors, handle the installation, replenish the fuel supply and maintain and service the equipment as required.

Multiple unit service

Hocon provides metered services for shopping centers, commercial strips, condominiums and apartment complexes. We service numerous complexes that contain single or multiple storage tanks installed above ground or underground (depending on space or aesthetic requirements). Tanks are sized according to present and potential requirements. This eliminates the need to re-excavate a site for any unanticipated future needs.

Refill stations

Hocon can design a propane refill system with all zoning, building, safety and training requirements in mind. Refill stations are typically used for the refueling of a residential portable barbecue tanks. But we have also installed many stations for companies that refill their own forklift cylinders, auto/truck engine fuel, temporary heat cylinders, hot air balloons, and myriad other uses.

Contact us to learn more about commercial tank planning and our other propane commercial services.

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