Gail Curnyn

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If you get service from our Norwalk office, you already know Gail Curnyn —or at least recognize her voice. Gail has been answering our phones and assisting customers for 33 years!

“I used to work in auto parts, but when my husband sold the business, my search for new employment took me to Hocon in 1990,” she recalls.

Gail had a lot to bring to the table.

“I lived in Norwalk and I was already a Hocon customer. That was a time when they were about the only company in the area delivering propane. I was familiar with everything, from heating your home and water with propane to checking the tank gauge.”

Gail says she always felt comfortable working here from the beginning.

“This is a family-owned company that always supports its employees,” she says.

Away from work, Gail enjoys leisure time at the beach and travelling to see family and friends, including in New Hampshire and Oklahoma. She has one adult daughter.

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