Joe Davis

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For the long-time propane delivery driver Joe Davis, June 2023 marked his 25th anniversary of employment with Hocon. He has always recognized that he serves as the face of the company and takes that job to heart.

“You always treat customers in a polite manner and try to give them the best service possible,” says Joe, who logs anywhere from 60-100 miles per day on his daily delivery route.

Joe has a true appreciation for the environment at Hocon.
“They always back us up and take care of everyone,” he says. “I remember one icy winter, they supplied us with cleats to attach to our boots so we could keep our footing. The drivers didn’t have to incur the expense of doing this on their own.”

Before he joined us, Joe worked for a tree-trimming company, with one of the tasks being clearing overgrown branches from power lines.

“I felt much safer driving a propane truck than getting anywhere near power lines. Propane is one of the safest fuels around,” he says.

Off the job, Joe’s favorite activity is woodworking, especially making tables out of repurposed wood.

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