Coming Through When it Matters Most

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When Hurricane Isaias trampled Connecticut, shutting down power throughout the state, Hocon employees turned up the juice. Despite downed power lines and trees that made it challenging to reach people, we made over 2,000 deliveries to customers who were relying on propane fueled generators. This already-tough situation was further complicated by power and phones being out in several of our offices.

While we were working days and nights and weekends, many other fuel companies were having a much harder time rising to the challenge. We fielded hundreds of calls from customers of other companies, who couldn’t even get a call back from their suppliers, let alone a delivery.

One of the great Hocon advantages is that we have the largest fleet of delivery trucks in the state, and can move resources to areas that are hardest hit. We also have our own storage facilities, which make accessing fuel in times of crisis much easier.

Thank you for those who were patient as we worked through the huge backlog. And special thanks to our amazing team of employees, who once again came through for customers when it mattered the most. We are Hocon Proud!

David Gable

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