Coping with COVID Recommendations

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Nothing has occupied us more than planning for the what-if’s that could happen this fall and winter if we have a significant COVID-19 resurgence. Here are some tips that could help make it easier for you to avoid problems:


A small percentage of our customers still call for each delivery. Even under the best of circumstances, this is inherently riskier. We can’t plan ahead for you if we see supply, weather or personnel disruptions that impair our ability to make our regular deliveries. This year, we can’t ignore the possibility that several of our delivery drivers might get sick at once, despite all the precautions they—and we—are taking. So if you are not using this free service, please call our office to switch now.


If there are disruptions, the only way for us to reach large groups of customers quickly is by email or text. If there are new restrictions on repair work in your home, if our offices need to close, or if a storm is coming, we may need to reach you quickly. Please use this online form to make sure we have your most up-to-date email and cell phone.


Many of you did this last year, and no one has switched back. We can automatically bill your deliveries or service to your credit card or bank account, reducing the need to handle mail. It seems to be easier for everyone. Call our office or email us to get started with that.

There may be times when our phones are constrained, especially if we have to go remote again. Make use of the Contact Us form on our website, which bypasses the phone system.

If you have an older furnace, boiler, or water heater, now is a very good time to replace it. If this winter looks anything like our last one, we will all want to keep in-home-repair visits to a minimum. And no one wants to be stuck at home with no heat or hot water.

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