Propane Autogas: Drive Your Business Ahead

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If you work for a company that operates a fleet of trucks, encourage them to look into propane autogas. Autogas is an increasingly popular option for school buses, service vans, truck fleets, and many other commercial applications.

For commercial vehicles classes 3 through 8, it provides a clean, green, economical alternative to gasoline and diesel.

  • Propane Autogas is currently 90% cleaner and 30-50% less expensive than today’s “clean” diesel vehicles.
  • Maintenance costs are a fraction of diesel engines’ costs.
  • Autogas engines emit much lower greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Vehicles experience extended engine life and increased range.


We’ve just completed building a public propane autogas station at the Pride Travel Center at the Leibert Road exit on I-91, just a mile north of I-84 in Hartford. It is a state-of-the-art station, open 24/7 with credit card readers and “euronozzles.” We can also set up on-site dispensaries at your location.

Call Tim Brown at (203) 451-4231 or email Tim so we can help you evaluate how autogas could drive your business forward.

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