Hocon Newsletter

Fall 2020

Coming Through When it Matters Most

When Hurricane Isaias trampled Connecticut, shutting down power throughout the state, Hocon employees turned up the juice. Despite downed power lines and trees that made it challenging to reach people, we made over 2,000 deliveries to customers who were relying on propane fueled generators. This already-tough situation was further complicated by power and phones being […]

Do You Still Buy Heating Oil from Someone Else?

If you use propane in your pool, water heater, fireplace, generator or other appliance, but heat your home with oil from another supplier, what are you waiting for? Every month, Hocon saves thousands of customers a ton of money on their heating oil. We guarantee our prices will be at least 25 cents less per […]

Coping with COVID Recommendations

Nothing has occupied us more than planning for the what-if’s that could happen this fall and winter if we have a significant COVID-19 resurgence. Here are some tips that could help make it easier for you to avoid problems: GO ON AUTOMATIC DELIVERY A small percentage of our customers still call for each delivery. Even […]

Ask the Expert

Q: Why are propane water heaters a better option than electric models? A: Propane water heaters have a longer life span and cost much less to operate than electric water heaters. A 50-gallon propane water heater delivers the same amount of hot water as an 80-gallon electric unit. It heats your water much faster, reducing […]

Storm Warnings About the Rush to Electrification

The Hurricane Isaias mess further “illuminated” the pitfalls of the rush to electrify everything. Undaunted, the Connecticut state government continues to aggressively push the use of electricity at the expense of other fuels, either with expensive and discriminatory incentives or onerous regulations. This is despite the fact that the electric infrastructure fails time and again, […]

Propane Autogas: Drive Your Business Ahead

If you work for a company that operates a fleet of trucks, encourage them to look into propane autogas. Autogas is an increasingly popular option for school buses, service vans, truck fleets, and many other commercial applications. For commercial vehicles classes 3 through 8, it provides a clean, green, economical alternative to gasoline and diesel. […]

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