Hocon Newsletter

Fall 2021

Propane is part of the green solution

In this issue, you’re going to see a number of articles about propane and the environment. I’m among those who are extremely concerned about the impact of climate change. And it’s one reason I’m so proud we provide propane. Most people don’t realize how much better propane is than alternative heating sources when it comes […]

Protecting our kids and our future: Simsbury

Mark Salter is co-owner of Salter’s Express, which owns the fleet of buses that take children in Simsbury (Hartford County) to school each day. He recently talked with us about how he became such a big fan of Autogas. “The town was looking to go green and reduce emissions,” he said. “When we investigated, we […]

Ask the Expert

Q: Does it make sense to switch my electric water heater over to propane? A: Absolutely. When it comes to considering types of water heaters, choosing propane is a smart choice—whether you get a traditional propane tank water heater or a high-efficiency propane tankless on-demand unit. With propane, you will most likely never run out […]


What’s worse than not having a generator when the lights go out?

Having a generator that doesn’t work. You depend on your generator to kick in when the electricity fails. If it’s been sitting around, try these tips to make sure it’s ready to go before your next power outage. 1. If you have a separate tank for your generator, and it’s below 45% full, get it […]

Why pay more for oil?

Many of our customers use propane for their cooking, water heating, pools, etc. but heat their homes with oil. If you’re one of them, why not give us a call? Global oil prices have risen around 35% (you have seen it at the gas pumps). Our oil customers are saving hundreds of dollars a year. […]

Propane fuels outdoor fun!

Cooler weather may be here, but you can still enjoy your time outdoors. Hocon offers a wide range of patio heaters, fire pits and more to extend your enjoyment outdoors. Read more.

Grill tanks delivered to your door

Don’t want to go to the store to swap out a BBQ grill tank? You’re not alone. For your convenience, we are now offering GAS ON THE GO delivery of grill tanks to your home or business. How it works: You leave your empty tank by the garage or front of your home. We will […]

Schedule your hearth tune-up now

If you have a gas fireplace or stove, this is the time when you should be getting it cleaned and inspected for safety. Our Comprehensive Cleaning and Tune-up Program includes fireplaces, stoves, fire logs and gas fireplace inserts, and includes: inspection and cleaning of your current hearth equipment to ensure your home is ready for […]

Converting to propane: a seamless transition

An increasing number of oil customers are turning to us to upgrade their heating systems to propane. While we sell both fuels, propane is more versatile, and a better option for cooking, water heating, and more. Plus, it burns more cleanly, with fewer emissions. Take Lynn Pangburn, of Oxford, CT. Last March, when she realized […]

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