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Hocon Newsletter

Volume 2

What You Told Us

Dear Friends, I am so thankful that so many of you responded to the satisfaction survey we included in the last newsletter and sent via email. Please know that we read every survey—and circulated them throughout our team. We loved reading comments like these: “Excellent customer service on top of meeting fuel needs, with great […]

Service Plan Protection

Enroll in one of our service plans this season! When you do, you can count on priority service and discounted rates. Options include two levels of oil heating coverage, propane boiler and furnace coverage, water heater inspection—tank or tankless, and tune-up for hearth products. Call your branch for more details.

Here’s a Look at How Our Survey Participants Rated Us

89% find it easy to do business with us 91% find our drivers and their deliveries to be “Excellent/Good” 87% say the way we answer phone calls is “Excellent/Good” 88% are very happy with our technicians’ responses to service needs 90% say they are likely to recommend us to a friend Thanks again to all […]

Ask the Expert

Q: Can I heat my house with a vent-free log set? A: We don’t recommend this. Ultimately this option compromises the air in the house. If you’re looking for a main heat source, a direct-vent fireplace or a direct-vent fireplace insert is the way to go. Those are, essentially, decorative furnaces. They’re higher in Btu’s, […]


Jalin Sead has been with Hocon for over four years now. He works with customers who come into the showroom to make decisions about fireplaces, water heaters, boilers and furnaces. “I love helping customers come up with solutions to make their home more comfortable” he says. One of the things he likes the most about […]

Make Your Electricity Lean, Clean and Green

Much of the electricity in the nation is generated from burning the dirtiest source of fuel: coal. But you can flip that switch and protect your pocketbook at the same time. When you switch to Discount Power’s Green Plan, your existing utility will provide you with electricity that is based 100% on wind generation.* Plus, […]

Why Customers Choose Hocon

JEFF WOERZ, OWNER OF ABSOLUTE VALUE MANAGEMENT in Riverside, CT has been working with Hocon for about five years, after a friend recommended us. “Hocon gives us really good service and we keep giving them more properties to take care of” he says. “They supply propane and oil for us and service our heating systems. […]

More People Are Switching to Hocon for Oil

Since we started delivering oil a few years ago, hundreds of our propane customers who also use oil have switched to us. And why not? We guarantee our oil price will stay at least 25 cents below the state average*. What’s more, it makes it easier to deal with one company for service, billing, deliveries, […]

Winter Safety Tips

Please help us with your deliveries We want to make sure you have a comfortable winter at home, and that our delivery and service team can take care of you safely. Here are two important tips to keep in mind, to ensure there are no delivery interuptions: Be sure your driveway is plowed and clear […]

Will You Win Our Long-Term Customer Contest?

We are looking to celebrate our long-term loyal customers. If you think you may be among the customers who have been with us the longest, enter our contest for a chance to win 300 gallons of propane or heating oil! Two other winners will get 150 gallons each. Enter our contest by commenting on the […]

Auto Pay for Ultimate Convenience

More and more customers have chosen to enroll in our Auto Pay program, because it’s just plain easy. Auto Pay authorizes your bank or credit card company to pay your bill directly to us, saving you the hassle of writing and mailing a check. Plus, you can accumulate points on your credit cards, and reduce […]

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