Converting to propane: a seamless transition

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An increasing number of oil customers are turning to us to upgrade their heating systems to propane. While we sell both fuels, propane is more versatile, and a better option for cooking, water heating, and more. Plus, it burns more cleanly, with fewer emissions.

Take Lynn Pangburn, of Oxford, CT. Last March, when she realized her oil tank and furnace were on their last legs, she originally planned to simply replace them with newer models. But her plumber advocated investigating propane instead.

She reached out to several companies, but was surprised by their unresponsiveness. “I was a little upset and actually on the verge of just scrapping the whole thing.” Then her husband learned about Hocon from a coworker, and they gave us a call.

“Our experience with Hocon was excellent,” Lynn said.

Karen, from Hocon’s sales team, came out and offered her expertise, letting Lynn and her husband know how propane would work within their home.

“Anytime I had a question, she always got back to me.”
Lynn described the switch as “pretty seamless,” noting that the Hocon team was “very professional and very informative.” She said, “It was a very good experience with them.”

If you are interested in switching fuels or need to upgrade your equipment, contact us today!

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