Pat C. — 30 years as a loyal Hocon customer

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The technicians are wonderful as well as the delivery drivers. I would never change to anyone else. They are the BEST.

Pat C., of New Preston

Our hearts were warmed by Pat’s comments on our “Show the Love!” contest. When her entry was picked at random, she won 150 gallons of propane at just 70 cents per gallon!

Pat’s been a loyal propane customer for 30 years. She has done several equipment upgrades with Hocon, including a furnace and a stove. “I’d recommend Hocon to anyone, anywhere,” she said.

Pat recalled one time when our team really came through. Her stove needed a replacement part that was no longer made. The Hocon team tracked down an equivalent piece and went to work attaching it.

That technician worked in my yard over three hours making it fit,” she said. “He didn’t have to do that, but he was a great technician.

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