Protecting our kids and our future: Simsbury

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Mark Salter is co-owner of Salter’s Express, which owns the fleet of buses that take children in Simsbury (Hartford County) to school each day. He recently talked with us about how he became such a big fan of Autogas.

“The town was looking to go green and reduce emissions,” he said. “When we investigated, we found that Propane Autogas cut emissions dramatically, and eliminated the dangerous and stinky diesel fumes that our kids were breathing in. The propane buses are quieter—a big advantage when a driver has to hear what’s going on behind him or her. There’s less maintenance, and they start right up in the coldest weather. Our drivers love them.”

When we asked about the cost difference, he said, “While propane school buses cost a little more than diesel buses, federal alternative fuel rebates of 36 cents per gallon make propane even more attractive. Propane buses are around a third of the cost of electric models, and the fuel is cheaper than gasoline.”

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