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Drive Your Business Forward with Propane Autogas

Count on Hocon Gas for top-notch Propane Autogas Service and a competitive Propane Autogas price

More businesses are discovering the advantages of Propane Autogas. Offering savings of 30% to 50% versus retail gasoline or diesel, this clean, efficient alternative motor fuel is ideal for commercial fleets. This includes delivery trucks, maintenance vans, school buses, taxi fleets, and shuttle buses, as well as forklifts and mowing and lawn equipment.

First-of-its-Kind Multi-Fuel Travel Center Features Autogas

autogasPropane achieved another significant win in the clean energy debate with the opening of a multi-fuel travel center in Hartford, Connecticut on June 18, 2021. 3 years in the making, this is the only multi-alternative fuels travel center in the United States.

Propane autogas refueling infrastructure and a dozen propane-powered vehicles Read Morefeatured alongside electricity and hydrogen underscores the vital position our energy has in achieving America’s net-zero emissions goals.

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Propane motor fuels reduce greenhouse emissions, as well as providing:

Your customers will be impressed, too, because with Propane Autogas, you can show them you are using a domestic fuel that has lower fuel emissions than gasoline or diesel with no chance of spillage.

It’s more affordable than you think! Hocon Gas can help you convert to clean, efficient propane motor fuels for your commercial fleet and help you set up a propane fueling station at your facility, or provide on-site fueling on a scheduled basis via our delivery trucks. We can also help you qualify for cash incentives.

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