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Propane Gas Lamps for Connecticut & Western Massachusetts Homes

Gas powered lights can be very illuminating!

Hocon Gas carries a variety of indoor and outdoor propane gas lights for your home, cabin, cottage or RV. Speak with us about ways to brighten up the inside of your home or add some charming light to the outside of your home with attractive, cost-effective gas lighting.

Using outdoor lighting will dramatically enhance the visual appeal of your property and will also accentuate it, no matter whether it’s traditional or contemporary in style. To complement your architecture, we offer lamps in stunning solid cast brass, black cast aluminum or white cast aluminum styles, with your choice of post, pedestal or wall mounts.

There are many styles available that create a historical look, as well. If you’re interested in restoring or decorating your home to match a specific time period, Hocon can help you find gas lights that will match the style and period of your home. Businesses can also benefit by having cost-efficient, attractive gas lights as part of their decor.

Did you know?

Gas lights cost pennies per hour to operate and the brightness of these lights is comparable to a 70- watt light bulb.

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Safety Note

It’s necessary to call in a certified Hocon Gas technician to install your exterior gas lights, especially when you opt to include an electric ignition feature. All of the fixtures have to be properly connected to gas lines and must be installed according to the local building safety codes.

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