Propane Benefits & Safety

Learn more about clean, efficient, safe propane!

Have you noticed that many of your neighbors are adding propane to their homes? Here’s what they know, and what you can discover.

Propane is the cleanest, most versatile fuel for many of your appliances. It gives you the benefits of comfortable heating of your home and water, convenient gas fireplaces, the ability to cook with gas and more. All of that comes at a reasonable price when you’re a Hocon Gas customer.

Look at all these benefits


Because of the clean- burning characteristics of propane, virtually little maintenance is required to retain the high efficiencies of propane- fueled equipment. Because propane is nontoxic and doesn’t pose a threat to soil and water (above or underground), it is not regulated by the Environmental Protection Agency.


The installation of new propane heating equipment generally requires an initial investment that is 20-40% less than comparable oil heating equipment. It generally lasts longer than oil-fired systems & electric heat pumps. Propane appliances are 40–60% less expensive to operate than comparable electric appliances.


Hocon Gas can install propane tanks just about anywhere, above or underground. Unlike oil tank installations, propane tanks can be set at a lower grade than the appliance it is fueling, without the groundwater contamination problems associated with underground oil installations.


Virtually all of the propane consumed in the U.S, is produced in North America. Supply is so abundant that our country now exports 10 billion gallons per year—enough to power 4 million fleet vehicles or 12 million homes.


Propane appliances deliver better value and comfort than other heating sources. With a high-efficiency propane furnace, less than 10% of fuel is wasted in the combustion process. In comparison, more than 2/3 of the energy used by a power plant to generate and transmit electricity is wasted.


When you depend on natural gas or electricity, you are at the mercy of a large utility. If there’s a power outage or a cutoff in your natural gas supply, you’re without heat and other appliances. But propane is right there at your home, keeping you warm and comfortable.

Propane safety tips

Propane has a strong safety record, thanks to stringent regulations and high industry standards, which we uphold here at Hocon Gas. But if you use propane in your home, you still need to know about propane tank safety, propane heater safety, propane grill safety and safe propane handling.

The Propane Education and Research Council (PERC) has developed the below-learning modules so that you can find out about topics such as what to do if you smell gas and advice for lighting pilot lights. We encourage you to share these user-friendly modules with your family.

Have questions? Contact us to learn more about propane efficiency and safety for your home. Hocon Gas—serving Norwalk, Torrington, Waterbury, Danbury, Guilford, Suffield, Shelton and surrounding towns in Connecticut, New York and Massachusetts.

Safety tips

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