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Hocon Gas Offers Many Home Comfort Solutions

After a visit to our showroom, one of our sales representatives will visit your home for a one-on-one home comfort survey. Once the survey is complete, we’ll be able to give you a final quote for the appliance and the yearly cost you should expect to budget.

For example, if you’re installing one of our hearth products, our representative will measure the dimensions of your existing fireplace or the location you would like to install your new fireplace (or stove). Safety is important to us, and we are required to make sure any heating appliance we install follows local and state fire safety codes.

During the one-on-one home survey, our home comfort expert will also discuss different finishing options for your appliance and how it might look in your home. A hearth is not simply functional as a heater, it’s also a gathering place for friends and family, and we might suggest a finishing style that will complement your room.

If you are adding propane appliances to your home for the first time, we will meet with you to determine a good location on your property to install the propane storage tank.

We have several Home Comfort Membership options available:

Please contact us or visit one of our showrooms to improve your home comfort and discuss home comfort solutions with us.

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