How Do I Choose A Propane Pool Heater?

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Propane pool heaters can extend your swim season by a month or more, to say nothing of the fact that they can keep you swimming comfortably on cool summer evenings and mornings. But how do you choose one for your Connecticut staycation getaway?

Let’s take a look at some of the most important considerations when choosing a propane pool heater.

Size Of Pool Heater

Perhaps the most obvious and important factor in choosing a propane pool heater is its size (or power). Your pool heater should be powerful enough to meet the heating load of the pool without overworking. Heating load is influenced by the unique conditions of your pool, including the surface area of the water, the difference between the pool’s water temperature and average air temperature where you live, how exposed the pool is to wind, and local humidity levels.

Propane pool heaters are sized according to their Btu output, with sizes ranging from 75,000 – 450,000 Btu or more.

To get an idea of the size heater you’ll need for you pool,

  • choose a target temperature for your pool water
  • find the average temperature for the coldest month in which you’ll use your pool
  • subtract the average temperature during the coldest month from the desired pool temperature to get the temperature rise needed
  • calculate the pool surface area of your pool in square feet.
  • use the following formula to determine the Btu per hour output needed from your heater (based on 1-1.25 degree temperature rise per hour and a 3.5 mph average wind at the surface of the pool):
Pool Area x Temperature Rise x 12

While this formula will give you some idea of the size of propane pool heater you’ll need, you’ll probably want a pro to give you a more precise estimate. Contact Hocon today for help with choosing the right size pool heater for your home.

Other Factors

Of course, size isn’t the only factor that you should consider when shopping for a propane pool heater. Some other considerations include:

  • How efficient it is – Pool heater efficiency measures the amount of usable energy delivered to the water of your pool compared to the amount of energy consumed by the heater. A heater with an 85 percent efficiency rating uses $85 of every $100 in fuel to heat water (the rest is lost as heat). Today’s propane pool heaters can have efficiencies well into the 90s.
  • Who installs and maintains it – As with any home comfort equipment, proper installation and maintenance of your propane pool heater is essential to getting the best performance possible. If you want to get the best performance now and for the life of your pool heater, have it installed and maintained by a propane professional.
  • Incentives – Sales and incentives can tip the scales in favor or one pool heater and another, especially if they are similarly featured. Keep an eye out for specials from reputable propane pool heater installation experts.

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