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You may have noticed some big changes at Hocon recently. For years, the Hocon name has been synonymous with propane delivery in Connecticut. Our family business, started by my father after World War II, has grown to be the largest independent propane company in the state, serving tens of thousands of homes, businesses, school districts…you name it.

But in recent years, we’ve set our sights on something more. And that effort has been driven by our customers. These days, so many of us lead crazy lives, filled with way too much stress. There’s virtue in keeping things simpler, in having fewer complications, especially when it comes to our life at home.

So we set out to make Hocon one of the easy things in your life. Heat your pool with propane but your house with oil? No problem, we now handle both. Need a new water heater? We’ve got it. Need to replace your entire heating system? We’ve got that too. Want to save money on electric bills? Our electric partner, Discount Power, helps tens of thousands of homeowners do just that. Feel like paying your fuel bill or looking up information while watching a Game of Thrones rerun for the third time? It’s easy to do on our website.

At the heart of this transformation are Hocon’s remarkable employees, who take care of our customers through all sorts of weather, with exceptional commitment and skill. They are the best! Put it all together and you see why it’s so easy to feel comfortable with us!

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