Propane Safety Corner

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With the outdoor grilling season here, our team would like to share some tips about propane cylinders before you really get cooking.

  • ALWAYS store or place a propane cylinder outdoors and in an open area, and not in a basement or a garage.
  • ALWAYS avoid storing a cylinder near a stove, a fireplace, or another heat source. This is also why you should not store a spare cylinder under or near your barbecue grill.
  • ALWAYS make sure your cylinder does not come into contact with ignition sources such as flames or spark-producing electrical tools.
  • ALWAYS leave the care and repair of a cylinder in the hands of a skilled propane professional. You should not make any attempt to modify or repair valves, regulators, or other cylinder or appliance parts.

If you use 20-pound propane tanks for grills, patio heaters or other portable heating devices, you’re welcome to bring your empty cylinder to us, and one of our staff will happily refill it for you.

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