Why Customers Choose Hocon

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in Riverside, CT has been working with Hocon for about five years, after a friend recommended us.

“Hocon gives us really good service and we keep giving them more properties to take care of” he says.

“They supply propane and oil for us and service our heating systems. We especially work closely with Andre and Connie, who get things done quickly for us.”

The relationship has grown, along with AVM’s success.

“Hocon worked on about 10 properties for us to start, and they are probably up to about 150 now,” he said.

“They’re the most competitively priced, and they respond quickly. They’re good people.”


decided to see if the grass was greener by giving another fuel company a try after being with us for several years. But he soon got homesick. Kevin decided to come home to Hocon last spring.

“The team at Hocon, especially Rob Caton, your branch manager in the Torrington office, really understand customers,” he says. “Plus when your guys came to do the install, they were speaking highly of the company, without my asking, which is also unique.”

We look forward to taking care of Kevin for a long time.

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