Winter Safety Tips

Please help us with your deliveries

We want to make sure you have a comfortable winter at home, and that our delivery and service team can take care of you safely. Here are two important tips to keep in mind, to ensure there are no delivery interuptions:

  • Be sure your driveway is plowed and clear of ice — especially if it’s steep. Our big fuel trucks need more room to navigate than cars do. Please also keep a clear path to your fuel storage tank, especially after a snowstorm. If your driveway is not sufficiently clear, we won’t be able to deliver. Safety first!
  • Keep an eye on your tank gauges. If you’re a will-call customer, please call when your fuel tank gauge approaches the 30% mark for propane or 25% for oil, to give us enough time to refill your tank. Better yet, ask us to put you on our automatic delivery schedule to lower the risk of a run-out. We can even provide tank monitors which tell us what level your tank is at for piece of mind.

Our drivers will thank you—and they’ll be able to deliver fuel safely and get to everyone sooner!

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