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Reliable Propane and Heating Oil Delivery in Waterbury and Central Connecticut

Hocon Gas, Inc.
20 Railroad Hill Street
Waterbury, CT 06708

Phone: 203-754-7601
Fax: 203-753-1519

General Manager: Rich O’Neil

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Waterbury Office Hours
Monday–Friday: 8 am–4:30 pm
Service/emergency: 24/7/365

Waterbury Showroom Hours
Monday–Friday: 8 am–4:30 pm

Services at this location:
• Retail Showroom
• Propane Gas Tank Refills
• In-Person Bill Payment
• BBQ Gas Grill Displays

Hocon is the premier source of propane, heating oil and gas-powered products, along with the best prices and service, in Waterbury, CT.

Come visit us at our large retail showroom at 20 Railroad Hill Street, Waterbury, or call 203-754-7601, and learn more about the benefits of becoming a Hocon customer. While you’re here, feel free to browse our unmatched selection of gas-powered products like fireplaces, BBQ grills and patio heaters.

Propane enhances your home

hocon gas in waterburyFrom Southbury to Southington, and Middletown to Middlebury, Hocon offers residential propane delivery that can do much more for your home than just heat it. Cook like a celebrity chef when propane fuels your gas stove. Extend your pool party season with propane heaters for pools and spa tubs. Enjoy evenings on the patio with propane-powered patio lighting, heaters and BBQ grills.

Heating oil gives you heat fast

Heating oil gets your home warm fast—and keeps it that way. Hocon offers a full range of services with our home heating oil delivery. And we guarantee that our home heating oil price will be 25 cents lower than the average state price.

Snuggle up by the fire

In addition to our propane delivery, Hocon has all sorts of great products for you to use it. Our selection of gas-powered fireplaces, heat stoves, fireplace inserts and gas logs turn on in a snap and offer real heat and real flame without a need for firewood. Come to our Waterbury showroom to see a selection of what we offer from top manufacturers.

Propane fuels your business

Businesses in Waterbury and central Connecticut can rely on Hocon as their commercial propane supplier. Propane is used in all sorts of businesses It fuels the cooking equipment in commercial kitchens and restaurants. It’s the power for commercial equipment like forklifts, commercial mowers and generators. Propane autogas powers vehicle fleets with fewer emissions. We don’t just offer propane delivery. We have commercial propane tanks and appliance services, too.

Hocon’s history of excellence

Hocon Gas has come a long way since its beginnings in Darien more than 65 years ago. But while our products, services and service area have all grown, we’ve stuck with the same values we had back then. We remain committed to excellence in products, services and giving back to our communities.

Hocon is here for you

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